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Stephen Myers ACE

I am Stephen Myers ACE, a film editor working in the Los Angeles area. Like most of my friends I wanted to work in the movies because I was a fan from an early age. The optimum movie viewing experience is in a good movie theater with a large audience reacting with gasps at a suspenseful thriller or with laughter at a raucous comedy. We can’t always have that experience with older films or with those movies we missed in theaters during their first run. But we are now fortunate to have access to large HD screens, surround sound, and streaming video in our homes. Streaming, however, is usually limited to the newest and most popular titles. Image and sound quality depends on many variables including the speed of your internet connection. With the loss of so many brick-and-mortar video rental outlets Netflix is the best source for rental titles on Blu-ray and DVD but even this option has limitations because as discs become damaged they may not always be replaceable as titles go out of print.

If you are like me, you also want to experience films that are out of the mainstream because the makers of those films tend to be more original and they tend to take more chances. Sometimes major name directors make a movie that doesn’t strike a chord with viewers at the time of release but later find a cult following on DVD. These films may be more challenging to viewers than more popular works. The purpose of this website is to explore and review some of these films and to refer the adventurous movie viewer to sources of these wild, weird and imaginitive movies. I will be interviewing filmmakers and distributors about the movies they offer to us, the viewing public. I hope you will embark on this exploration along with me. I would love to get feedback about the reviews and interviews as well as recommendations for movies you would like to see covered.


STEPHEN MYERS ACE Eddie nomination statuette

STEPHEN MYERS ACE Eddie nomination statuette

I have worked in every film genre for almost every presentation medium. I have edited comedy, drama, family fare, musicals, historical biography, horror and science fiction for feature films, cable features, network miniseries, network series, and documentaries. I received a 2008 A.C.E. Eddie Best Edited Documentary nomination for THE PIXAR STORY, a feature film about the phenomenally successful animation studio. To find out more about my editing career and credits please refer to my website www.stephenace.com.

In addition to helping write narration for documentaries I edited, early in my career I contributed movie reviews to McGill’s Survey of Cinema, a major reference work on feature films. I also interviewed film directors Peter Bogdanovich, Walter Hill and Mark Rydell for publication in newsletters. An interview my friend Larry Estes and I conducted with Peter Bogdanovich appears in its entirety for the first time in Peter Bogdanovich Interviews (Peter PETER BOGDANOVICH INTERVIEWS book coverTonguette, ed.) published by University Press of Missisippi in 2015. In the winter 2015 issue of Cinemontage, the official magazine of the Editors Guild, I wrote an article about working as director Jonathan Demme’s personal assistant on the award-winning movie Melvin and Howard.