I can vouch for the quality of components I own. I won’t be listing model numbers because electronics companies come out with new models every year. However, I will provide clickable Amazon ads for the latest models so you can research features and compare to other brands and models.

BIG SCREEN TV – Samsung ( There are many choices of screens and technologies out there. I was shopping for a basic LED screen and compared the monitors on display visually. I found that the Samsung was at least as good as if not better than some of the higher priced TVs. I also use Samsung monitors professionally with my editing equipment.

RECEIVER – Onkyo [5.1 surround] – ( There are also 7.1 and 7.2 surround receivers but unless you have a huge room to fill with surround it seems like overkill to me.

BLU-RAY PLAYER – Oppo ( – Oppo makes and sells top-of-the-line universal players that have excellent audio for CD and SACD as well as Blu-ray and DVD playback. If you order a region-free player you will be able to view DVD and Blu-ray discs made anywhere in the world.

DVD RECORDER – Toshiba ( Having a DVD recorder is handy for time shifting your viewing, especially when your DVR gets too full. I really love being able to watch movies from TCM at my convenience. Blank recordable DVDs are very reasonably priced especially if you get the on sale at Fry’s Electronics (

FRONT SPEAKERS – Epos ( These British-made speakers are high quality for a reasonable price. I also use a pair of them with my editing equipment.

REAR SURROUND SPEAKERS – Polk Audio ( Polk makes great speakers for rear surrounds. Mine are mounted on the wall behind window curtains so they are unobtrusive.

SUBWOOFER – Ace-Bass by Audio Pro ( Audio Pro is a Scandanavian manufacturer and I happened to get my subwoofer in a special sale. Polk also makes good subwoofers and they are easy to find.


As with discs some equipment can be ordered directly from the companies or through Amazon ( I also like to see demonstrations of equipment so if you have a store nearby you can go to Fry’s Electronics or Best Buy. By buying at a brick-and-mortar store you can take the items home immediately and set them up within a few minutes without waiting for shipment or taking a chance on damage during shipment. You can also order online from Fry’s ( or Best Buy ( Good deals on components are often available from B&H Video ( or New Egg (